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Don’t Fall Back


It’s been a busy fall of event operations at Wilsonwest and while it’s tempting to push on to the next project and fall right back into operations mode, the critical Post-Event Strategy should get just as much attention as the pre-event work. Our recommendation to help keep this on track is to craft your Post-Event Strategy into the project plan up front and focus as much energy on this component as you do with the delivery of the live event content.

Here are 4 high value activities to conduct post event:

  • Share the highlights of speaker presentations with your audience
  • Prepare and deliver an Executive Summary for your Leadership Team
  • Share key survey results with your sales team and beyond
  • Schedule appointments with your customers and partners to help them continue to leverage the valuable content you shared at your event

We have an opportunity to use the event momentum to sustain engagement long after the event is over. What this means is that an event is never really over, but rather it is a springboard for the next event designed to help build your audience and evolve your events.

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