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Social Impact & Corporate Event Management


Is corporate social responsibility a line item in your corporate event marketing budget? Or is it an afterthought?

Companies that incorporate social impact as an integral part of their business strategy build stronger brands, attract more committed employees and develop deeper connections with customers. It’s smart business.  These same goals are at the heart of our event management strategy so it’s a natural partnership to embed social impact into the planning. 

At Wilsonwest we believe social impact should be an integral component of every event we create for our clients. And it must be strategic, because the “one-off” approach can be dangerous if there isn’t a logical connection between the giving and the brand.

The “easy” way to avoid this is to marry corporate client initiatives with the event and find a fit. And I put ”easy” in quotation marks because it isn’t always easy. It takes thought, research, strategizing.Sometimes, linking the social impact to a corporate event is obvious, for example, an environmental organization striving for a zero waste event. But the right social impact activity isn’t always apparent.

To help us identify and implement the right activity we being by asking these impact questions up front:

  • How does the company define its community?
  • Does the company have a CSR strategy?
  • How does the corporation define CSR? How do their employees define it? Their CEO?
  • What CSR activities has it undertaken and how do they fit with the company mission?
  • What do you want people to do or think as a result of this conversation/initiative?
  • Why does this matter?
  • What activity is relevant and affordable?

Our goal is not just to create a flawless event. We believe CSR should be a line item in every event budget, as important as the food and transport. Why? We want to provide opportunities for our clients to enhance their business and social value, and to leave a legacy.

Cindy Wilson

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