Conference Content: What’s your post-event Strategy?

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Conference Content: What’s your post-event Strategy?


One of the top reasons we attend conferences is for the education. Extraordinarily good content delivered by exceptional speakers leaves us inspired, informed, enlightened, and energized. Think about all the Salesforce photos we’ve seen where conference attendees are celebrating and engaged around dynamic keynote presentations and breakout sessions. But what happens when you leave the ballroom, get on the plane, and head back to the office? How do you take all that good stuff – the inspiration, the energy – and put it into action given your already jam-packed schedule and overflowing inbox?

You keep it simple.

In that spirit, here are 3 quick and steps to follow:

1. Take Action Fast!  On your flight or ride home, take stock of the event and what was most valuable. Identify a few top take-aways and how they support your most important business or company goals.

2. Share the learnings with your team using conference presentations and videos.

3. Find a Workout Partner. Invite a colleague to join you in putting the into action and help keep each other on track.

On the front end, how as event and conference organizers might we help to make that happen?

Craft your Post-Event Strategy into the project plan up front and focus as much energy on this component as you do with the delivery of the live event content. Continue the education with highlights of speaker presentations and follow up to the participants. Share key survey results with your sales team and schedule appointments with your customers or partners to help them continue to leverage the valuable content you shared at your event.

Cindy Wilson

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