Holiday Cards and Strategic Event Marketing

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Holiday Cards and Strategic Event Marketing

In addition to the expected planning meetings and re-focus on work that takes place over the first couple of weeks in the new year, we have a tradition of taking one last look at all of the cards that we have received over the holiday season. There is a lot to be said for our friends, clients, and partners that still take the time to send us their well wishes via a printed media in this digital age.

Naturally, we each have our favorites, but we wanted to share a couple of examples of cards that we felt demonstrated when a brand really gets it right. Not only are these clever examples of creative marketing, they also are examples of communication that evokes the personality and culture of the people behind the brand.


With this example, many of our team knew the sender immediately without needing to see the return address or message on the reverse. Got Light is one of our longtime vendor partners and they are both extremely creative as well as very fun to work with. Their card is a great visual representation of both of these facets. It is also an extremely good example of successful strategic event marketing.


The above design is a detail from our second example, one in which we felt there was a very direct and playful connection to the brand. Ad Hoc recently became a valued vendor partner due to a successful Napa Valley event that we partnered on last September. Of course, one of the reasons why we love our work here is the fringe benefit of excellent food, so one can see why this was such a favorite. Plus it put a smile on our collective face, which pretty much is the definition of holiday cheer.

Happy New Year!


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