3 Things I Love About My Work

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3 Things I Love About My Work

March Madness in our house is not limited to basketball, as we wait for the college admissions letters to arrive for our son Charlie. During the college search, we spent a good amount of time talking to Charlie about finding the right school based on his interests, potential majors, and career choices. The conversations always wandered back to the importance of finding something you are passionate about and then, hopefully, down the road figuring out how this translates into a paying job. During one of these chats, he asked me if I loved the work I do here at Wilsonwest.

Fortunately for me, in that parenting moment, I was able to be share that I do love my work. Our conversation afforded me the opportunity to reflect on what keeps me engaged and inspired here at Wilsonwest.

Our website and company tagline speaks to the heart and soul of our work: Events that Build Relationships. I love to design and create environments and experiences that will engage, delight, entertain, and inspire the guests. As the events unfold, I watch with a keen eye on how the guests are behaving. Whether it’s a 3-day conference or a cocktail reception, I am looking for signs (and surveys!) that tell me our work has been successful.

I relish in the challenge of dealing with “the new”: new clients, projects, destinations, technology, and design. The list is endless. Event producers are constantly challenged with turning the impossible into perfection. This newness affords me the opportunity to learn every day. There’s little time for boredom to creep in.

Our work takes us around the globe and I am fortunate to be surrounded by really smart, creative people. My clients, partners, co-workers and friends bring an incredible depth and breadth of experience and skill to the projects. I am also fortunate to be “fly on the wall” from time to time and soak in the words of wisdom from the likes of Bishop Desmond Tutu, Bono, and other global leaders as they grace the event stage.

To sum it up: creative work, offering new and fresh stuff, with really smart people helping you out? What’s not to love?

Well, don’t get me started on PowerPoint or Excel…

Cindy Wilson

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