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Summer Camp

As a parent of two teenagers I often approach summer longing to share their “summer camp schedules.” Filled with learning, sports, travel, and leisure and combined with a more relaxed schedule, it is a clear departure from the routine.

Well, what’s stopping us from creating our own version of summer camp? Last year when the economy afforded us a lighter summer event calendar, we decided to do just that. We created Wilsonwest Summer Camp and made time for some of the fun and educational activities that seemed to always take a backseat to conference calls and budgets. We took a few (free!) technology classes at the Mac store, went on a road trip to see new hotels like Bardessono in Yountville. We sampled food from some of the popular urban food carts, sought design inspiration from local gardening guru Flora Grubb, and toured some of the City’s special event venues. We invited our clients and partners to share in the fun. Though we never made it to a camp fire at the beach, it was definitely an added bonus to our summer schedule.

Well, here we are kicking off summer 2010 and though our event calendar has heated up, we’re embarking on Season 2 of our Summer Camp. We found the experience invigorating and inspirational, offering us fresh ideas to present to our clients and partners. We also enjoyed spending time together outside of the office and our weekly meetings.

Stay tuned for some of our discoveries. Better yet: try a summer camp of your own and let us know how it goes. Of course, there is always this approach.

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