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Bye Bye Gourmet

Last week, we were dining at Flour and Water here in San Francisco (it only took me a month to get a reservation) and in walked Ruth Reichl, Editor of Gourmet magazine, author, and food critic. I recognized her immediately and was excited to have such a foodie in our ‘hood. Seeing her reminded me of a great Summer memory of at least ten years ago. I was visiting family in Ohio and reading her book Tender at the Bone, a memoir of her life (with a food providing a backdrop, of course). I had plenty of leisure time that week and when I came upon Ruth’s story about her childhood memory of eating her first soufflé – accompanied by a recipe – I was inspired to try one of my own. That entire week was spent perfecting my soufflé, much to the delight of the family and neighborhood children who enjoyed both the rejects and the winners.

Whenever I see a famous person (no, it’s not every week) I usually keep my distance and avert my gaze, as that is just what seems to be the right thing to do. But this particular evening at Flour and Water, I decided to stop by Ruth Reichl’s table and thank her for contributing to such a great memory for me. She looked me in they eye, thanked me for sharing my words, and smiled at me in the best kind of way.

So yesterday, when I read of the sudden closing of Gourmet, I was especially saddened. I know that the writers, editors, and staff of Gourmet were the inspiration for many, many amazing culinary journeys, celebrations, and memories over the years.

Thank you Gourmet for inspiring us to keep tasting, to delight in diversity and perfection, and to relish in the discovery of something new. You will be missed.


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