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Best practices for C-level events can be broken into three categories: tailoring the event to your audience, strategic event marketing, and aligning the event with the corporate mission. In this post, the second in a series, I’ll start to drill down on the latter. At Wilsonwest,...

In addition to the expected planning meetings and re-focus on work that takes place over the first couple of weeks in the new year, we have a tradition of taking one last look at all of the cards that we have received over the holiday...


You've just been tasked with managing your firm's annual limited partner meeting. Your CEO has offered some dates, and asked you to book the hotel and golf.

That’s it.

“Golf? Why golf,” you wonder. “Less than a dozen guests played golf last year. Is this really the right event for our partners?” For your boss, another golf event seems to be obvious. Can you expand the conversation with him to better understand his business objectives, and ensure the event will strategically support company initiatives?