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Not to be underestimated


I don’t consider myself to be a big collector of things, mostly memories and adventures. As I have moved around the globe, I’ve carried a few treasures with me since childhood: family photos, art, and jewelry.

For some reason, I managed to hang on to this dime store ceramic piece, most likely received in my early youth. Perhaps a gift from my mother, Santa, or a childhood friend, I can’t recall.

I came upon this little treasure recently while doing a cleaning of one of those drawers we all have. I held it in my hand and felt this wonderful feeling of being comforted and at ease.

I mean, just look at the face and body of this elfin creature cradled by the soft and cozy nest. Isn’t it what we all yearn to feel at times – comforted and protected from the elements? Who doesn’t wish to feel safe and able to drift into a peaceful night’s sleep?

The significance for me is this: As much as I’d like to be comforted and spared from harm, I dearly hope to bring that same sense of peace to my friends, family and clients when they are in need of some extra care.

I decided to place her in a special spot up in the country, under the canopy of a beautiful blue spruce. I visit this place often and will carry this as a reminder to nurture and care for myself, my friends, my community and planet.

Thanks for reading. Pass it on.

Cindy Wilson






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