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Do Good Work That Matters

A company’s mission statement is a clear, memorable, and concise statement describing why your company exists. It energizes a sense of purpose, guides your decisions, builds strong cultures, gives meaning and inspiration to your team, fuels employee retention, engagement and innovation, and ultimately heightens customer satisfaction. This is the why of your business.

At Wilsonwest, our mission is simple: Do Good Work That Matters.

You can make your work matter. The starting place is making sure that everyone in your company knows how the work they do matters, even in a small way, in making the world a better place. That’s the magic of having a powerful mission statement.

When our Executive Producer Alex Cloyd received this note this week upon our return from managing a large client event at the USASEF, I was reminded of the power and purpose of our mission statement.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for all of your support in the white paper launch and STEM Festival events. I realize this work is what you do for a living, but the care and concern with which you helped make these events possible goes beyond just work responsibilities. It is that level of conscientiousness that sets your work apart. I hope you know that your work helps us all make sure more kids become their best selves in the future.

Congratulations to Alex and the team for doing good work that matters!

Cindy Wilson

PS – click below for a fun look at what we and our partners got up to in DC


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