A Healthy Planner: Change Those Travel Habits

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A Healthy Planner: Change Those Travel Habits


The idea behind one of our core values here at Wilsonwest is that a focus on Quality of Life for our employees will help us to deliver a higher Quality of Work for our customers. Since our team spends a lot of time in airplanes and hotels, I’ve been thinking about how this mantra applies to our work in and out of the office.

The start of the new year typically means that your business travel schedule heats up with sales meetings, customer visits, and conferences. Travel can be exhausting: taking you away from family, disrupting routines, and crossing multiple time zones. When planning your travel for the year, consider rethinking the way you approach it – especially if you tend to cut corners, rushing to the airport from home and leave little time for proper rest, exercise, or acclimation to new environments. Making small changes to address this sort of behavior may help ease the stress that generally accompanies business travel and support better health and better work.

Road warrior and leadership expert Peter Bregman shares his thoughts on the subject here.

As we all dive into the holiday season, try to start putting these ideas into practice on your next trip.

Cindy Wilson


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