Quality of Life = Quality of Work

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Quality of Life = Quality of Work

When I started my business, I was strongly cautioned to keep my personal and business lives separate. As a new parent: that made no sense to me. I simply bucked that notion, knowing that I would draw from the same resources in order to thrive in both spaces. Fast forward twenty-two years and I often revisit the work/life balance debate, on which much has since been written. There is yet to appear a magic set of rules one should follow in order to promote harmony on both sides of the fence. As you might guess, I continue to maintain that there’s no distinct line. And it seems that many advances in technology support my position.

What does keeps me balanced is an understanding of and a commitment to my vision and values. What have I learned along the way? Quality of Life = Quality of Work. My belief in this is so strong that it has become one of our company’s Core Values and contributes to our mission to Do Good Work that Matters.

Enjoy the 4th. Relax, refuel, and bring back some of that great energy to your colleagues and your customers!

Cindy Wilson

GG Bridge

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