Energize your Event with Student Involvement

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Energize your Event with Student Involvement


In the proper environment and with the right direction, students can be some of your hardest working volunteers as well as the most enthusiastic ambassadors of your event. They can also add a different kind of excitement and energy that can rarely be matched by usual temp staff.

We recently managed an event in Washington DC where we supported our client’s sponsorship of 2 large national education events. Working with our client, we created interactive exhibits in which students showcased their projects. One group of students we partnered with was part of the Project Lead the Way┬áprogram at the Lorain County Community College in Ohio: 6 engineering students and 1 instructor chaperone that made the trip to DC for the week long event. This experience allowed the students to present their projects and practice public speaking to both peers and education professionals. It also greatly enriched the atmosphere of the exhibit space by adding youthful excitement and eagerness along with a purposeful interactive activity for our booth visitors.

The result? A win-win for everyone involved! Both the client and attendee feedback was overwhelming. On top of this, we received a heartfelt thank you letter from the instructor thanking us for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, which included a signed photo-collage of their trip. The overall experience was a great reminder to consider engaging student programs at events. The lesson we learned was that one just might give a student an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Tim Landherr

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