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Cindy was recently asked by The Women’s Book  to contribute to In Her View, their regular blog, which shares candid insights and inspiration from a diverse range of women in business. It was a challenge that she eagerly accepted and one which sent her back to the core of what we do here and how we do it. The first installment was published last week. Not surprisingly the topic is one which we are often asked about: how does one know what event is right for them? The insight we have shared is pertinent not only for the young planners but for the experienced as well. This usually is a big part of the discussion during any informational interview that Cindy gives, as it is the touchstone that the company returns to time and time again. 


The Wilsonwest Way is not a marketing gimmick, developed to make for good copy. It is truly the process through which much of our successful approach to corporate event planning has evolved over the years. We are proud to have developed this framework and thank The Women’s Book for the opportunity to be part of their community. Be sure to look for Cindy’s next contribution in the coming weeks.

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