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The Power of the Pen

In this digital age, how often do those of us in the special event planning world send or receive a hand-written messages? Admittedly I am still a fan, so when a beautifully addressed letter or card arrives I take note. My children, both college students, will tell you how I have hounded them from an early age to send hand-written notes when acknowledging gifts and special occasions. 

I was reminded of this last month when I received just such a letter. Immediately, I was struck by the fine stationery and envelope emblazoned  with “Office of President George Bush”. No, it wasn’t a fundraising letter or direct mail: it was a note of thanks for our support at a recent event where President Bush was a speaker and guest. It was thoughtful, personal, and conveyed a genuine sentiment of appreciation. I hung the note on my bulletin board with other such items and when I glanced at it a few times it brought a smile to my face. While digital messages are now the norm, appropriate for many occasions, they don’t always carry the same personal touch of a handwritten note. And, of course, that are quickly gone with a hit of a button.

From clients to vendor partners, event producers have a lot of people to thank after pulling off a successful event. The next time you find yourself ready to craft your corporate event planning thank yous, take a moment to grab a pen and paper. The recipients will certainly receive the sentiment in a different way and you might be surprised at how good it feels to drop a letter in the post!

Cindy Wilson

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