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Wilsonwest: The “Bespoke” Event Marketing Agency

There are advantages to living in San Francisco—and then there are advantages. I love this city for a million reasons, but here’s just one: for the past few weeks, I’ve been driving over to North Beach to meet with a seamstress who’s making me a dress.

Her name is Jean. I’m not sure of her age, but her activity level defies anything I might imagine. I’ve come to love her distinctive voice, both live and on voicemail. It’s alive, full of energy, and exactly how I want to sound if I’m fortunate enough to reach her age.

bespokeAs you can imagine, this process has been quite an undertaking. I fell in love with, and immediately purchased, the dress fabric on a recent trip to India—even though I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it once I got home. I eventually found Jean and we began a series of meetings to discuss designs, take measurements, and gauge our progress.

This is what’s known as bespoke tailoring. Clothing made to order. Custom apparel.

Now, I suspect many people would ask at this point, “Why go to all that trouble? Can’t you just pick a dress off the rack at Saks?”

To which I would answer: the more involved we are in the creative process, the better the outcome will be.

And no, I’m not just talking about making dresses; I’m also referring to planning a corporate event.

At Wilsonwest, the “bespoke” mindset is baked into all of our processes. We communicate. We collaborate. We dare to imagine the possibilities and push the envelope.

And even though we bring 20 years of strategic event marketing experience to the table, we never forget that in the end, your event has to reflect your unique mission, vision, and values.

Sometimes potential clients will come to us and say, “Send us a proposal to plan a basic event.” We always appreciate the opportunity—but putting together one-size-fits-all events really isn’t what we’re about. We find the outcomes are much better when we have a chance to involve you, the client, in every stage of planning.

Frankly, that means more work for us—and possibly for you, too. But trust me: after two decades of event planning in San Francisco, I can honestly say that this approach leads to much greater rewards—on your company’s bottom line as well as in many intangible ways.

As I was driving back from a morning meeting in North Beach the other day, I smiled to myself as I realized I couldn’t wait to see the next step in this dressmaking process. What would I learn at our next meeting? What possibilities still lie ahead?

Whether you’re making a dress or planning a corporate event, it takes commitment and engagement to stay personally involved in the process. But the final product will be something that truly makes everyone proud. That’s why “bespoke” will always be at the heart of how Wilsonwest works.

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