Brain Rules + PowerPoint = Engagement!

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Brain Rules + PowerPoint = Engagement!

“If workplaces had nap rooms, multitasking was frowned upon, and meetings were held during walks, we’d be vastly more productive”, says Dr. John Medina, a developmentalĀ molecular biologist, research consultant, and author of Brain Rules.

Taking brain science to our world of conferences and meetings, he offers this great presentation for speakers on how to craft PowerPoint presentations that keep the audience alive and engaged. If you are tasked with either presenting at conferences or guiding presenters, take a few minutes and click through his slides. You can find this on the bottom right corner of this linked page, under the title Brain Rules for PowerPoint presenters.

My #1 take-away from his advice is GET MOVING AND KEEP MOVING! It seems we all try to cram in either an early morning or evening workout and spend the rest of the day sitting at our desks.

I’m committed to scheduling brainstorming walks, attending a conference call while moving around, and generally just getting up more often during the day. We all know that exercise boosts brain power. Offer your conference attendees an opportunity to do the same – stretch breaks or even morning runs as part of the agenda.

I don’t know if I can get away with a nap room but I might try…

Cindy Wilson

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