Sit Back & Relax: The Transformative Power of Events

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Sit Back & Relax: The Transformative Power of Events

I snapped a “photo of this photo” earlier this week as it just made me smile. The image also offered a nod to the upcoming July 4th holiday. I was reminded of the Corona beer commercials where the airplane passengers grab a bottle, close their eyes, and find themselves on the beach rather than the flight. For those of us who attend many conferences and spend our time sitting in ballrooms, it’s not uncommon to imagine ourselves elsewhere…especially when excess PowerPoint is involved!

Creating environments that transform ordinary experiences into the extraordinary is one of the things that keeps me engaged and excited about the event production world we live in. I am not talking about turning ballrooms into elaborate theme parties with artificial decor. I am talking subtle shifts in lighting or choosing just the right setting/time of day/music/cuisine and more. It’s like a carefully crafted blend of spices (or wine) where just the right balance transforms the individual ingredients into something magical. And like an elegant wine, you aren’t hit over the head; the balance is ideal when no one facet dominates the other.

Knowing your audience helps to define those individual ingredients and a skilled event producer will conjure up just the right mix. What is most important is how your guests respond to what you have created and they will be grateful for your gift of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Happy 4th and to quote a friend “make it nice”!

Cindy Wilson

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