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Put the V in F&B

Those of us in the event world understand the acronym F&B as “Food & Beverage”, a key component of event planning.

The standard menu planning for a seated lunch or dinner involves selecting 3 or 4 courses, with the hope of selecting a meal that appeals to just about everyone in the room. Do we go with chicken, fish, soup, salad, chocolate, fruit? We pour over menus, talk to the chefs, think about our audience, the time of year, what’s in season and so forth – in order to craft just the right dining experience.

A few months back I wrote about the planning we were doing for a Presidential dinner and I ended the post with a promise to report back on what the President left on his plate. Well, I will tell you what was not on his plate. The guests were offered a choice of beef, fish, or eggplant as the entrée. I challenged his advance team to guess what he ordered and not one of them got it right. You guessed it – eggplant! His choice prompted most of the head table to follow suit. Mind you, this was no ordinary dining experience nor was it eggplant Parmesan.

Vegetarian entrees are no longer the step-children, offered to the few declared vegetarians. People are making smarter dietary choices, especially those in the C-suite who attend so many lunches and dinners.

As you plan your next luncheon or dinner, why not go vegetarian for the entire menu with meat or fish as an unpublished option? You will be doing your guests (and the environment) a favor.

Cindy Wilson

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