Birthdays and Other Reasons to Celebrate

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Birthdays and Other Reasons to Celebrate

It seems to me that there are those of us who LOVE to celebrate our birthdays (probably in the same camp as those of us who like to dress up at Halloween) and those who just prefer the day to slip by like any other.

Today, my daughter Annie celebrates her 16th birthday, and like me, she is in the Celebration Camp. My husband David and son Charlie lean towards a more low key approach.

Birthdays are milestones and they should be celebrated, whether it’s your Sweet 16 or you’re celebrating the business you started five years ago. Maybe it’s an employee’s ten-year anniversary. Before you turn the page and set a new goal, stop and smell the roses, celebrate your successes and your failures. Have a party, take a nap, eat two pieces of cake, fly to Paris – do something you don’t normally do in a given day. Why? Why not?

Happy 16th Birthday Annie.

Love, Mom

Cindy Wilson

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