A Sense of Place: Where You Meet Matters

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A Sense of Place: Where You Meet Matters

I am a fan of Seth Godin and I read his blog daily. His wisdom transcends the marketing world in which he lives and breathes. He understands how little things matter and how important it is to pay attention to the details. I’ve attended a conference hosted by him and I know first-3hand that he also understands the nuances of well produced events.

I often talk about “a sense of place” and how the environment we create for meetings and events is key to supporting dialogue and engaging your audience. In a nutshell, the place you choose to hold your team offsite or client dinner matters. Seth’s blog speaks to this.

We associate certain places with certain outcomes. Think about it. For those of us who live in San Francisco, what happens when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge and start to head up to the wine country? Do you find yourself relaxing as you stare off into the hillside vineyards? Do you feel this way when you take Muni (at rush hour) to the Financial District? Where would you like to go for your next offsite? Now granted, there’s not always the time or budget for a 2-day wine country jaunt. But how about a private room on the waterfront or the dining room of the Four Seasons with floor to ceiling windows, great service and lots of natural light?

The setting is just the beginning and a backdrop from which to build the details that will further enhance the meeting or event you are planning. Seating, table size, lighting, scent, timing, agenda. The list goes on and on. At Wilsonwest, we spend a lot of time talking, planning, dreaming and obsessing about these details and what will resonate, delight and even surprise the guests. When you’re ready to plan the next meeting or event, ask yourself if the venue/place carries with it some predictable associations or outcomes and if those associations are the right ones for this event.

Cindy Wilson

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