Wisdom from Campbell’s. Condensed.

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Wisdom from Campbell’s. Condensed.

The start of the New Year generally signals a bigger list of things to do along with new resolutions to make us better, faster, leaner.

I’m starting my new year with a “less is more” frame of mind by whittling away at the old. I’m hoping that this strategy will yield the same results: a better, faster, leaner, and kinder me. By removing the not-so-important list of things that somehow have just added up and become part of the routine, I feel a bit lighter and more focused. To do this, I applied something I had read about in a Harvard Business Review blog post by Campbell Soup Company CEO, Douglas Conant.

Conant advises creating Yes Filters to help us sort through the barrage of ideas, opportunities, and distractions that dart across our path every day.

The Yes Filters are made up of a set of questions (defined by you) to help you filter matters for their importance and relevance to your vision and values. I’m easily distracted by all kinds of new things and often find myself whiling away the hours a la the Tin Man’s tune from Wizard of Oz. A bit more discipline in this arena was in order.

Here’s a pass at the Wilsonwest Yes Filter questions I created:

How will this idea/activity serve our clients?

Is it a matter of principle? I borrowed this one from Conant’s list.

Is it something that my instincts tell me I need to address? The emotional intelligence factor is really big in my books and not to be ignored.

Thank you Mr. Conant for your wisdom and for the Chicken Noodle Soup. I wish I could be more like you and get out of bed at 4:30 AM in order to add a few more things to my list. Maybe next year.

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