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I was on the phone with a client last week where she took the time to share with me some of the many things she has “learned” from us over the ten years we’ve been working together. This is what she had to say about Mary Sullivan, Executive Producer here at Wilsonwest:

Mary walks around the event with great confidence and I know she has already envisioned how the event will unfold.  From beginning to end, she has played it out in her mind and carries this vision to execute on that success.

What a great compliment! Might I add that the “event” she is referring to is no simple task.   Strategic seating for a VIP audience of five hundred donors, precise timing, staging, and production are all part of this equation.

This week, I salute Mary – who I like to call “Bossarella” as she manages an event timeline and the myriad of details with great precision, grace and a good dose of  humor.

Thank you Mary!

Cindy Wilson

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