Channeling The World Cup

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Channeling The World Cup

What other event gets teenagers out of bed at the crack of dawn during summer vacation, prompts grown men to cry, and brings together 204 nations in fair-minded competition? With 715 million people are expected to tune into the final World Cup match (compared to 106 Million for our Football game aka The Super Bowl), it is clearly the most important sporting event anywhere. The Wilsonwest Team has had the privilege to be a part of the World Cup at Stanford (1994), in Paris when France reigned supreme (1998), and most recently in Berlin (2006). As an event producer, I have never seen more spectacle and frenzy. You can truly feel (and hear) it in the air!

This year, since we’re not in the center of it all, I have been observing from afar and wondering what lessons we might we learn from World Cup where aside from a few bad referee calls and temper tantrums, the world’s drama is played out fairly on a stage of grass. What if we could channel that energy to take on some the planet’s biggest challenges? This would certainly be a call to action for social media experts – mobilize people all over the world to stop and focus their energy, time and even money on just one thing – even if it’s for only the 15 minutes allotted during half time. What if we could create a competition that is as exciting as the one played out on the field? With all the eyes of the world focused on such a venture, would it not be an opportunity of a lifetime?

Cindy Wilson

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