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I recently read Who’s got your Back? by Keith Ferrazi in which he extols the virtues and value of forming deep relationships with a core group of trusted advisors, peers and mentors. While I have always understood the power of what he calls “lifeline relationships” in my personal life, I did not translate this into business until we began producing executive (or C-level) events for our clients and I observed first-hand how top leaders seek out and value these peer groups as critical to their success.

Too often business leaders, especially entrepreneurs, feel compelled to go it alone, equating this Superman type of behavior with a true measure of strength. There is a fear that asking for help might impose upon others or, even worse, showcase a weakness. But the truth is these lifeline relationships power growth for individuals and organizations. They provide education, inspiration, loyalty, trust, and accountability. The ones who truly “have your back” are keeping you honest and holding you accountable.

Who are your lifeline relationships? Will they tell it “like it is” even if the telling gets tough? Are they holding you accountable? Do these relationships afford you a place to shed your Superman cape and show a little vulnerability?

If you have yet to identify your lifeline relationships or are simply still unsure about the concept, pick-up Keith’s book for a really simple guide to these powerful relationships.

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