10 Things We Can Learn From Zappos

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10 Things We Can Learn From Zappos

Zappos. Not only do they A) deliver shoes quickly, but they B) offer free shipping in addition to C) no-hassle returns.

By every indication, this company has a soul.

Here are 10 more reasons to love Zappos, which are also 10 really great reminders for all of us in the service business. While these are their company values, they are easily and powerfully adaptable to any project we embrace. Try them on for size:

Deliver WOW through service
Embrace and drive change
Create fun and a little weirdness
Be adventurous, creative and open-minded
Pursue growth and learning
Build open and honest relationships with communications
Build a positive team and family spirit
Do more with less
Be passionate and determined
Be humble

The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, also talks about the importance of hiring people who consider themselves lucky or optimistic as these folks tend to pay more attention to detail and are cognizant of their surroundings. I consider myself to be a lucky person. I won a giant Easter Rabbit when I was in the second grade. On my first trip to Las Vegas I tried roulette and hit it big with a $20 chip on #17. And if you’ve read previous posts, you may know how I feel about #17. I have a lot more “lucky” stories (like how many times I lost my wallet only to have it returned with gifts and stories to share), but I’ll stop here and connect the notion of luck to the business values and the list. If you equate luck with paying closer attention to your customers and the details, I’ll place lucky high on the list. A little luck may open a door you otherwise might not have noticed.

Thank you Zappos for your innovative and thoughtful practices and for always delivering the goods.

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