A Sense of Place: the Magic that is Meadowood

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A Sense of Place: the Magic that is Meadowood

A good portion of the work that we do here at Wilsonwest involves selecting – or helping our clients to select – just the right place for a meeting, special event, or conference. Place plays a central role to the experience and relationship building that lies at the heart of any successful event.

I spent some time last week in one of my favorite places – Meadowood in the Napa Valley. It struck me that this geographic region (and resort) may well be what Wikipedia has in mind when defining a Sense of Place:

The term “sense of place” is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging. Cultural geographers, anthropologists, sociologists, and urban planners study why certain places hold special meaning to particular people or peoples. Places said to have a strong “sense of place” have a strong identity and character that is deeply felt by local inhabitants and by many visitors. Such a feeling may be derived from the natural environment, but is more often made up of a mix of natural and cultural features in the landscape, and generally includes the people who occupy the place.

What happens when this geographic outer space impacts our inner space? Magic happens. You relax, engage, and connect to both the people and places around you, forging deeper relationships and gaining new insights. Hopefully, an ah ha moment takes you to a new level of thinking. This experience is at the heart of our work creating Events that Build Relationships.

Hats off to Meadowood for its authentic connection to the Napa Valley and its sense of place.

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