Corporate Events Planning – Role-Playing For Success

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Corporate Events Planning – Role-Playing For Success

When producing corporate events, you rely heavily on time-lines, production schedules, and endless checklists.  It’s all in the details. These tools are logical, built on research and with precision, and are the foundation of successful corporate event planning.

Long before the “doors open”, I rely on my most trusted adviser: I take on the role as an imaginary event guest.   In character, I leave behind the checklists and follow my nose.  I imagine myself departing from home and arriving via car, public transportation, or on foot.  From here, I walk through every moment of what I might experience as a guest – from the mundane, like the location of coat check and bathrooms, to the exquisite – the lighting, mood, scents, and vibe.

Try this corporate events planning exercise. Choose a character, step into their shoes, and attend your next event all from the comfort of your home or office. Ask yourself: How does the event feel, taste, look, delight, surprise and unfold?  Who will I meet and where will I dine?

By completing this exercise, you will most certainly discover a detail or two that was left off the checklist. Anticipation of your guests needs is central to corporate events planning.

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