Rest For The Weary: A Summer Wish

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Rest For The Weary: A Summer Wish

I absolutely love this little poem and hope you will too. Here’s to the 4th of July, barbecues, friends, a nap in the hammock and to total disregard of to-do lists, goals and behaving.

Have fun.


Today I will not live up to my potential.
Today I will not relate well to my peer group.
Today I will not contribute in class.
I will not volunteer one thing.
Today I will not strive to do better.
Today I will not achieve or adjust or grow enriched
 or get involved.
I will not put up my hand even if the teacher is wrong
 and I can prove it.
Today I might eat the eraser off my pencil.
I’ll look at the clouds.
I’ll be late.
I don’t think I’ll wash.
I need a rest.

Jean Little
Hey World, Here I Am! (1986)

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