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“C Suite” Etymology

From C in chief + suite

(management) The group of officers of a business organization, who have the word “chief” in their titles.

(management) Senior headquarters executives.

I started my career in the C Suite as I traveled around the world for Carlson Marketing Group and then later Merrill Lynch. Back then, of course, I was without my ownC title! Now it seemed to me that I always landed the “VIP” tasks. Keep inmind that this was a time when the only mobile devices we had on our person were our mouths so I learned to be a pretty good (and fast) problem solver.I spent a lot of time in boardrooms and ballrooms, often waiting around with security guards.Perhaps most importantly, I learned when to jump into action and when to stay in the background.

This experience has served me well and provided the foundation for our work in the C Suite. At Wilsonwest, we are very comfortable and confident dealing with the C-Level crowd. This confidence comes from years of event experiences: from the nuances and complexity of dinner seating to the handling of a presidential advance team. We understand the customer profile and we have years of experience producing high level CEO Summits, Global Board Meetings, and events with high-profile audiences.

What we know is this: a C-Level executive’s time is precious, meticulously managed, and their most valuable currency.Truly understanding the implications of these factors and managing to the expectations of the denizens of the C-Suite does take a certain type of expertise and finesse. While far from our only strong suit, it is definitely our suite spot.

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