The Art of Hanging Art

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The Art of Hanging Art

In the event world, environments are really important. You know: that feeling you get when you’re in a great restaurant, the lighting is perfect, the service salon-illustrationunobtrusive, and the space well designed. All of these things support conversation and put your guests at ease. I had such an experience on a recent East Coast trip, where I had the immense pleasure of dining at the home of one of our clients. I felt at ease the minute I walked in the door. One of the many things that struck me that evening was the manner in which his art was arranged on the walls. Much like him, the arrangements were impeccably and artfully presented. Fast forward to my return to California where I read an article celebrating the expertise of Rob and Gaetan, owners of the Lost Art Salon here in San Francisco. I had previously paid a visit to their studio, a hidden gem on an otherwise anonymous city street. I began to better understand that there really is an art to hanging art and when properly done, the results are both seen and felt.

I decided to share this discovery and built a client event around the idea, turning my own home over to the guys from Lost Art for a make-over of sorts. We removed all of the art we had hung up at different times over the years and pulled a few more pieces out of the closet. While we caught up with some old clients and made some new friends over cocktails and food, two of my walls were transformed by Rob and Gaetan into beautiful examples of what is called a Totem Hang and a Salon Hang. Our clients enjoyed the lively discussion with thesalon-real Salon owners who shared some of their secrets and encouraged us all to have an open mind. We worked with another partner, Lisa Eastlack, to design a small guide for our friends to take away. In fact, the Salon liked it so much, they commissioned a more detailed version. You can download it here.

We hope our guests were inspired to look at their art through a new lens and transform a home, office, or even event space of their own. Whatever the result, when you combine expert advice and an invitation to give your imagination free reign, only good things will follow.

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