The Customer Journey

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The Customer Journey

Our business has been successfully built on referrals. Much of our P.R. has been relegated to the realm of our great clients and their networks. For me, Marketing is not only a foreign word but a little bit of a scary one at that. Do we need to craft some clever message and an even more clever way to tweet it to connect to our customers? Will our efforts be authentic and true to our brand?

I recently participated in a session entitled “The Customer Journey” and it helped me rethink our efforts through the customer lens. The Customer Journey is basic yet powerful. Ask these key questions and map your strategy from there:

As a result of your efforts (website, blog, events, etc.), what do you want your customers to:

THINK (Opinions)
FEEL (Emotions)
KNOW (Facts)
DO (Actions)

This approach is valuable in assessing all levels of customer engagement and is an easy and fun exercise to do with your team.

Sound simple? Most great things are!

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