Budding Leaf or Deep Loden? What’s your Shade of Green?

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Budding Leaf or Deep Loden? What’s your Shade of Green?

Green is everywhere these days, especially on this coast. When we started down the path of greening our events, we were quickly overwhelmed by the amount of information and no clear, trusted path to “green-ness.” We decided early-on that our commitment would be to learn as much as possible, mine the information for substance, and share it with others in the event world.

That was the impetus for our recent Green Event Summit hosted in tandem with Green Consultants and the W Hotel San Francisco.When it comes to Green, these guys are the shade of Deep Loden, unlike our Budding Leaf status. “Deep Loden?” you may ask. Well, an interesting roundtable exercise we conducted was to ask all of the participants to rank themselves on a “Green Spectrum” of our own design (we had to have a little bit of the Wilsonwest creative flair in there). The range of responses really helped illustrate that this is a burgeoning aspect of our industry and further fueled our excitement to be involved on the ground level.

We had a great turnout for the event and were impressed by the industry leaders from Oracle, The Gap, and Cisco who shared stories about the successes and challenges in greening their events. One of the takeaways was a lengthy list of online resources that we are all using to help wrap our arms around this important topic. Here’s a great example of one such resource. Check it out and see what the carbon footprint is for your most recent event. The success of this forum has encouraged us to make this a regular part of our partner outreach. If you would like to attend the next one or are interested in more specific information, please send us an email.


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